White Oak Animal Hospital provides supervised boarding and full-service grooming for your pets in a comfortable and safe environment.

Pet Boarding in Fredericksburg Area

pet boarding, fredericksburg

White Oak Animal Hospital offers veterinary-supervised boarding for your dog or cat that is affordable, safe and comfortable. Any special health needs, such as medicine administration, food preparation and exercise requirements will all be reviewed with you.

You are welcome to bring your own food if your pet is on a special diet. Toys and personal items are welcome to help make your pet as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, all the kennels are temperature-controlled.

Pet Grooming in Fredericksburg Area


White Oak Animal Hospital also offers full-service grooming. A typical visit for your pet may include:

  • Grooming / Haircut
  • Bathing
  • Conditioning and blow drying
  • Brushing and combing the coat
  • Checking for infections and parasites
  • Nail trimming / Dremmel
  • Ear cleaning and hair-plucking the ear canals
  • Expressing the anal glands (if necessary)

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